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About Us

– David Ogilvy

"Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work."

Meet The Team

The Base Creatives are a multidisciplinary team of talented creators that have a passion for their craft. From conceptualizing strategies to executing captivating content, we ensure that we have the correct people for every project.

Managing Director

Timothy Martina

Timothy Martina is a creative thinker with extensive experience in online and offline marketing, design and strategy. Having been involved in marketing campaigns in the private sector and government, he has a knack for seeing the big picture and coming up with innovative solutions when faced with an obstacle.

Tim’s brain works like a well-oiled machine, constantly churning out new ideas. He loves to share his knowledge and help others grow their businesses. When he’s not working, Tim enjoys cooking for family and friends. When this amateur chef is not in the kitchen or behind the computer, you’ll find him at the nearest beach enjoying the sun.

Creative Lead

Fazir Farah

Design is in Fazir’s blood- he has always been fascinated by the way that visuals can be used to influence people. This passion led him to pursue a career in logo design, brand strategy, and print media. No job is too big nor small for this guy. Fazir’s work has been used to brand some of Curacao’s most known events such as Kaya Kaya & Mondi Magiko. When challenged with a new project, he ensures that the vision of a client is seen back in the final product whilst ensuring that the goal is met. 

In his free time, Fazir loves spending time with friends and exploring his passion for cars and comic collectibles. You’ll experience Fazir’s competitive nature when he’s playing video games or during game nights with friends and colleagues.

Project Lead

Kenneth Ansano

Kenneth a.k.a. Kenny or Sito, is a creative project manager with years of experience in content creation. He has worked with many businesses in several industries such as retail, finance and hospitality. This creative octopus is a multitasker and problem-solver at heart. 

In his free time, he enjoys giving back to the community. Kenneth is an experienced creative, who loves learning about new things and expanding his horizons which helps him remain open to new ideas and perspectives.


Continuously improving with each step of the process.


Always doing our utmost to overdeliver to our clients. 


Telling stories that inspire our audience.


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